Tuesday, July 31, 2007

Kalau dah bodoh…“We’re fired!”

Being a teacher isn’t always a bed of roses. Things do come up; jerks do appear n students do testing patient. This semester I decided to request to be teaching only the level 5 classes, which means I will also teach level 3.

There were 2000 plus students enrolling in the 1st badge. I was assigned to 2 Level 5 Engineering groups as writing teacher, 1 Level 3 group as the Listening & Speaking teacher and a group of repeaters for reading paper, R010 (royo, we called them).

The semester has now come into the 4th week. I love all of my students; even certain faces in my R010 class bruise my heart (arrogant faces, blank minds, torturing!).

Today, Friday the 27th, I clocked in as usual for my level 3 class; however, I was confused of the venue as we were in room S2013 last week due to the registration of the 2nd batch students in the hall rooms. To make it worse, I left my timetable paper at home…

I headed straight to the bulletin board for the levels (the board where students check their grouping and timetable). While looking for level 3 section, I came across a short note written on a piece of paper using a pencil… “Where are the timetables? We’re fired!! ”

A note possibly written due to the anger when the timetable is not ready even they have come to check for a few time. Earlier this morning one of my colleagues commented in the General Office, “some of the 2nd intake students r already angry because the timetable is not ready”. Being a timetable committee myself, I just kept quiet (even at this point, I could feel that my anger rose) because no point explaining this to the students, it is beyond their understanding plus, it’s d teachers job, so wait!

Come to think of it again, I realised that a few of these 2nd intake students are so daring, they are only in campus for about a week, and they have already had the guts to leave this kind of note. For them may b they feel that they are great, enrolling in a CFS as undergrads forgetting that the teachers ARE GRADUATES with DEGREES and MASTER DEGREES!! (and even some of them ARE DOING PhDs, locally and ABROAD!!)

If in case, a friend of the person who wrote the note read my account, I just would like to ask your favour to tell this arrogant friend of yours that no wonder u r doing English, u r weak in English!!! U can’t even differentiate meanings….for them I just would like to remind that FIRED means DIPECAT bukan MARAH BERAPI!...

Kalau dah bodoh sombong…what to do! Kesian…

Thursday, February 1, 2007

A Dream that is Shattered (A Tribute to SIDNEY SHELDON..Jan 30, 2007)…

I started to read ‘her’ book when I was in form 4. I don’t really remember how I got hold of his book…but I still remember the first one ‘If Tomorrow Comes’…I was really engrossed wit d way ‘she’ wrote it…This writer has developed my great love towards reading. I tried 2 read other novels as well, but d impact I get wasn’t d same…no offend to other great writers!

I continued looking for books written by this writer. Plus I was a hardcore female chauvinist back then (still am, but x hardcore anymore..haha got a dear 2 b taken care of!), I continued looking for other books ‘she’ wrote, n I found ‘The Sands of Time’…n d impact dat I hav was the same wit d first reading. Kinda very difficult to put d book aside unless I fell asleep at wee hours of d night which hardly happened.

Only after I read ‘her’ 3rd book, I realized that my favourite writer is actually a male who loves 2 hav women as d main character be it protagonist/antagonist. I was so impressed to realize that SIDNEY SHELDON is actually a male…since then I started to adore him more n keep on reading his book.

When I watched many reality shows of keeping d dream comes true, my only wish was to join any of them to meet Sheldon. It was like 10-15 years ago…n I still keep d dream alive until yesterday…but yesterday, watching d news was devastating when I was informed dat Sheldon has left d world…n I went black n blank, cudnt even hear what d newscaster was saying anymore!!! I got d shock of my life…this man has got neither close nor bloodline relation wit me, but d news ripped my heart apart n I actually had tears streaming down my cheeks!!…my dream of meeting him in person has just left as dream, he’s gone…

I was thinking since I heard d news y was I so attached wit this man whom I never met n he din even know that I was one of his millions diehard fans… come to think of it, I realize that Sheldon novels hav thought n touched my life, d novels taught me a lot about life…besides I love 2 learn dat he was a multilingual novelist (typical me! LINGUIST… )

Every character that he has, has her own strength…he taught me that life is not easy. To be what u wanna b takes years or cud even b ½ of ur life, but it’s worth fighting for when in d end u manage to get whatever u dream of. He makes me believe so much that every cloud has its silver lining. Thank you Sheldon n good bye, may u be blessed there!

Peace of Mind...